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This summer I turned 70 and the occasion brought with it many reflections.  I found myself wanting to take life easier and decided not to push myself so hard to do the things I “should” do.

As I focused on what I wanted to do, I ended up spending more time outdoors and less at the computer.  Days moved into weeks, and weeks into months.  In the process, I neglected this blog.

Summer has moved into fall.  I’m beginning to spend more time inside.  As I enjoy the process of putting thoughts into words and sharing them with others, I plan to resume writing this blog.  Recognizing, though, that my posts will be less frequent, I decided not to renew the growingourselves.org website.  This means that this blog will soon revert to: www.growingourselves.wordpress.com.

I hope you will continue following this blog and responding to my posts.  I look forward to sharing the changes ahead as I move through this season of life.